> Gratitude 28

First piece (Gratitude 28: bEARTHday) from my new project - Spiritual Rhapsodies
Thank you

An open letter to Self

I, you, us.. we, ALL 

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A new revolution around the Sun.

There have been many times life has been trying; and perhaps you have fallen under this illusion, one – too many times, But remember of all the good. While outside sources, the world, the media, the man – all work to blind you to cease to see your truth – remember who you are, remember who you were, before they told you who to be.

It’s somehow ironic that in all this chaos, we – ourselves – have not in fact changed, but our minds and energy lured. Led astray to change our perspective and focus in their favor. whether we fall into the game, the rabbit hold of despair, fear, confusion – loss of memory of the power we truly hold.. or not – is solely up to us, and whether or not we choose to play, believe, know, feel and BE.

You, I, WE – are ever-present, eternal, ALL.


There is so much beauty, life, and magic that we seem to overlook and/or forget, while our tis, feeds and minds are shouting for attention. but as my only request, here & now, on this (e)very day – I ask of You to please, take a genuine moment to & FOR yourSelf.


Eliminate the noise & static creating dis-ease to your pure heart & being. Still and silence the Mind, and let your Soul speak. 

May the truth pour in, and may you be open to receive it. You are so much more than you give yourself credit for. You are blessed and gifted in ways you can not even begin to believe – more than you can even begin to imagine or fathom.. you ARE.

There is such great power in YOU. Such purity, magic – real magic – in its purest, balanced form.

The planets orbit for, with, and within your existence. Your energy, ebb, and flow. The Moon will raise the tides and your vibration, the Sun will rise for you again and again, in hopes of awakening you.. anew.

We are circling together around a great ball of fire next to a nightlight that moves the sea, all the while co-existing with 7+ billion other versions of ourself – in hopes of finding love, in one, in all, in Self.

See the brilliance in this, see the radiance in all that you are. Though at times is shut out, let it in. Let it shine within, outside, all around and through you. let it radiate from every fiber of your being. Be great, and be GRATEFUL.

May you see, feel, remember and BELIEVE – you are the stars the moon and the Sun. You are the earth, the cosmos, and life itself. I write to you today, because i believe and i am certain – i have seen my reflection in your eyes; within you i’ve seen the world. I see you and know we are on this blue and green marble to marvel at and thrive in our very essence, being, power, and love.

Thank you, UNIVERSE. thank each and every one of you, me, us, for riding these cosmic waves – together.

You’re rad, and I love you.

See you in the stars…

remember, re-member, RE-MEMBER.