> Smell the Roses

Created by two high school students in Colorado, "Smell the Roses" is an award-winning short film about the importance of using social media and new technology in moderation. Featuring an excerpt/quote from Dulce Ruby.
A powerful reminder & great way to start the day. An eye-opening short film made by *incredibly talented* high school students. 

Backstory: A couple days ago, a mother of a creative HS student emailed me inquiring about some of my writings. I verified that I was in fact, ‘the DULCE RUBY’ she was looking for, and she let me know that her son had made a film and it had just won an award.. and that my words were used in the closing ‘theme’ – Later, received another email from Milo himself, and am so grateful to be in contact with and be able to share some of his vision with you.

I am not saying any of this out of bias.. truly see for yourself – these students are 15yrs old and produced some of the most top notch work I’ve seen in a while.

Something that makes you feel, think, and remember – that’s what makes great art.

Anyhow.. Awoke UBER EARLY this am, and this is just the icing on the cake  Honestly the best feeling in the world to be a part of projects that aid in awakening the masses – especially when created by our youth! HONORED, to put it lightly.

INjoy xx